Technology Or Bust

During the Christmas season, I always think of my dad.  He passed away on Christmas Day 21 years ago!  I cannot imagine that time has passed so quickly.  He was too young – 71 – and missed so much of the family.  I know he’s in heaven and totally well, but. . . he had three grandchildren, my two kids and my nephew.  He never met their spouses or his nine great-grandchildren.  He’d be so proud of all of them and especially proud of my mother who has been a very much independent widow since the age of 70 and is now 91!

But I also had another remembrance of that time.  I was with him in Pennsylvania for three weeks, at his hospital bedside.  Finally, two days before Christmas, I went home.  I had a husband and two teenagers at home.  It was time.

Anyway, I remember boarding the plane, knowing I’d never see him again.  As we were waiting for takeoff, I called him.  I called him!  It was a last connection to say that one last “I love you”.

But what was a shock to me in thinking back was that I actually owned a cell phone 21 years ago.  I remember that I was the first in the family to have one because I was working at a university about 40 minutes away and I had to drive through not the safest part of town.  My husband insisted for my safety that I needed to have one.  Of course, I didn’t resist.  I loved being a recipient of new technology and 21 years ago there was new technology every day!

I’m not even going to get into how far back I go with telephones and OLD technology.

My dad was always on the cutting edge of new technology.  He had a computer before I did.  He was a scientist so had a keen mind for that sort of thing.

I remember my son commenting to me once, that one thing good about our family (I hope since then, he’s thought of a few more! J) was that we always kept up with the new stuff.  One time my husband won a Gameboy at some function.  Gameboys were the latest thing on the market.  We didn’t know exactly what it was or what it does, but we knew it was cool!  It was right before Christmas so we wrapped it, put in under the tree and said “Gift to all, from Santa”.  Boy, did we do good!  We were hero’s that day and for a long time to come.  At another party, years later, we won a Wii!  Now the grandkids think we’re cool!

This Christmas, my son and his wife gave me a digital photo frame.  You know the kind:  you download or upload (I can never remember which is which – I just know how to do it!) your personal pictures of choice into it and it changes every 5 seconds.  I LOVE IT!

Again, my son complimented me saying of all the parents in his life, I was the only one he’d think of giving this to because he knows I’d be able to figure out how to do it.

Technology today is not getting any easier and is not showing any signs of slowing down.  There are always changes and upgrades and fixes and new stuff.  Unfortunately, I’m the one slowing down!  It’s not as easy to keep up.  Sometimes I just don’t want to learn anything new.  I’m tired.

But then I think of all the new exciting technology and I don’t want to miss anything and I’m motivated once again.

I think I’ll go send my son a text!  My dad would be proud.


3 thoughts on “Technology Or Bust

  1. Goodbyes are always hard when there’s so much distance and time… But fun to think about having had a phone back then! My first one took up half the space in my purse and weighed half a ton!


  2. I remember many of the details about much of this Phyllis and it warms my heart how well you captured the essence of that time and you are right, your Dad would be proud of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren! He would also be very proud of you and how you have just kept going on and forging ahead even when you didn’t want to or it was just plain hard! I love you for that.


  3. My husband laughs at me and my lack of technological saviiness. I seem to pick and choose what I like and leave the rest up to the experts. I don’t even know how to turn on my hubby’s Ipad…but my 1 year old does! HA!


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