Son of a Preacher Man

ImageIn reality, he was the grandson of a preacher man.  His grandfather was a circuit preacher early in the 20th century in North Dakota as well as California.  Hubby never met his grandfather but was always proud of the history.

Hubby preached at our church last Sunday.  It has probably been 20 years since he preached.  Let me clarify:  as a Biblical Counselor, he does a lot of “preaching” one on one.  But last Sunday he was asked to step in as guest preacher as our pastor was out of town.  It was a big honor.  It was a big responsibility.  He did good! 🙂 I was proud!

Hubby’s assigned topic was ‘Marriage’.  Not an easy subject to squeeze into one sermon.  He pulled together just the right balance.  If you’d like to take a listen, here it is:

One part of the sermon that was related to all was expanded upon.   “Gen. 2:18 Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone;” He pointed out that this pertains to all relationships, not just marriage.  “The statement that it is not good for the man to be alone did not come from Adam. God did not leave Adam to discover and express his loneliness. The statement is made by God. This point is important.  The verse is not dealing with a human felt need, but with an objective fact of human existence, not with loneliness, but with existing alone. This is not, first of all, a matter of our feelings but of our created nature.”

We received a note from a friend after she listened to this sermon.  She said, “. . . As a single woman, the message was convicting and encouraging.  I can see why relationships are so important to me.  It’s the way God designed us. . . “

Isn’t that awesome!  The Bible is so pertinent to all of us, all the time.  Some folks who would hear a particular sermon topic (as I have done) and decide it doesn’t relate, pretty much tune out for the next 30 minutes.  Can you imagine all they (and I) have missed!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships this week.  There are some special ones in my life.  They come in all sizes and shapes and ages.  I have old friends and I have new friends.  I am blessed.

“A good friend is a connection to life – a tie to the past, a road to the future,  the key to sanity in a totally insane world.”                                                                                                                            Lois Wyse

So true, so true.  Probably my longest lasting friend is Trisha.  I’ve known her since I was eight years old.  We grew up living next door to each other.  Although we haven’t lived in the same town or even state since 1972, we have never stopped connecting.  It used to be two-hour phone calls on our birthdays.  Now it’s much easier with 21st century technology.  We’ve been through so much together.  Her ups and downs, my ups and downs, our parents, our children, our grandchildren.  She’s been a loyal loving friend!

I have another friend, Lynn.  I’ve known her just as long.  She was my back door neighbor.  Life drifted between us and years were lost.  We now have reconnected through technology and it’s so awesome sharing about siblings, parents, etc.

Locally, I pretty much lost all my friends when I went through a divorce more than thirty years ago.  One past friend, Andrea, and I also reconnected through technology as well as in person just a few years ago.  We picked up right where we left off.  It’s been healing.

Paula is another dear friend, ten years my junior.  She and I met through an interpreting-for-the deaf program.  We bonded immediately and went on to start a business.  Both of our lives have changed immensely since we first met.  We do not live near each other anymore.  But we are true friends.  The bond will not be broken.

My oldest friend is closing in on 90.  We’ve been buddies through thick and thin for probably twenty-five years now.  My youngest new-friend-to-be is my grandson born last September.  I know we’ll be great friends! 🙂

My mother is my friend (now).  It wasn’t always so.  It was a pretty tough time for many, many years.  My kids are my friends.  There’s always hope! And of course, Hubby – my best friend!


Being a friend is a responsibility.  Whether that friend is a spouse, a child, a friend or a co-worker, sometimes it’s not always smooth.  It’s not always fun.  It can be awkward and disagreeable and uncomfortable.  It can appear one-sided and lop-sided and unbalanced. There’s giving and there’s taking.  I’ve had my time in both camps, those periods in life that I’m just taking, taking, taking.  Other times, I’m giving, giving, giving.

Over time, people change.  Anyone married can attest to that!  Differences become more apparent.  Politics and faith and finances and childrearing , etc. can become sources of friction.  Respect is a part of friendship, or any relationship.  Just as we need to allow our kids to grow and “find themselves”, so it is with our friends.  We all grow this way – in a safe place.  Hang on!  With some – I’ve been there, with others – I am there and, trust me, with yet others – I will be there again.  It’s what makes the world go round!  It’s all worth it!

My new friends wouldn’t recognize me if they met the “old” me.  My old friends have hung on with me through my changes.  Likewise I with them.

I’m so very blessed and thankful for my friends who love me and laugh with me and cry with me and pray with me and chide me when necessary.  As my friend said, my relationships are so important to me!  I’m glad God made me this way!


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