Prayer Warrior


My mother is a prayer warrior.  I don’t think she would call herself that.  But she is.  Her upbringing lacked much, including a mother and father, but, apparently from childhood, her faith carried her through.  She never remembers not being a believer.  Her faith was always there.

When I was growing up, and not getting along with her, I would come down to breakfast and see her sitting at the kitchen table, dipping into the little plastic “Promise Box” for the verse of the day.  It really used to aggravate me – wondering why she could relate to God and not to me.  Then I grew up and had kids.  Ha!

Promise Box

She is 91 years old now and still the ever-faithful prayer warrior.  She prays for all the individuals in my family AND my husband’s family and their family.    She prays for my friends who need prayer, even the ones she doesn’t know.   She prays for missionaries.  Sometimes she stresses over the possibility of forgetting to pray for someone whom she has promised to pray for.  I tell her to let people know she will pray for them as the Lord lays them on her heart.  That seemed to appease her.

Years ago she got into the habit of a Morning Prayer ritual.  As she would walk around making her bed upon arising, she would be praying,   As her prayer list got longer, mother stayed in bed longer to begin her prayer time earlier.  But then she would keep falling asleep.  Morning is her time to pray so she continues to be creative.

A couple of months ago, early in the morning, upon exiting her bathroom, she fell.  She was not hurt but couldn’t get up without help.  Mother lives in a retirement community and has a lifeline button to push in an emergency.  She has never been shy about using it!  As she sat on the floor she contemplated her dilemma.  Between her and God it was decided.  Since it was her usual prayer time, Mother proceeded to pray.  She prayed for at least ½ hour, probably more.  Then she pressed Lifeline who came (in their ambulance) and helped her up.  She then went about her day.

Doctor’s appointments cause me a bit of tension.  Usually there is a medical driver to take her to them, but then I meet her there.  I implore her to set early appointments.  I try to bribe her with a free lunch, or shopping, or whatever it takes.  But usually she insists she needs the morning to pray.  I become the villain, not to mention part heathen if I push too hard.

I’ve decided if I ever take a road trip with her, I will have to insist that prayer time in the car would be very beneficial and I would promise to be quiet for as long as it takes.

Seriously, when I finally grew up – and yes there are those who are wondering if indeed I have – but when I did grow up and my mother and I overcame our differences and became friends, she became more than that.  My mother became my role model.   To this day I count on her prayers and I try to emulate her.  Her prayers are simple, almost naive in my way of thinking.  But then that was always a difference between us.  I considered her an optimist and she considered me a pessimist.  (I’d say I was a realist!)  But her goal in praying is not for specific answers, although she certainly has a direction she’d like God to consider.  Her goal is relationship, a relationship with God.  She already knows He knows what needs to be done and she already knows He has the best plan in order.  She’s thankful for the relationship.  God is the only one never to let her down, never to desert her.  She’s loyal.  He says we should pray.  She prays.

I reflect back on those days with the “Promise Box” verses and I realize she needed to pray because she had me!  I was a handful!  I’m trying to do better!  I even have my own Promise Box on my kitchen windowsill! 🙂

God carried us both through.  It must be true that “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” James 5:16


2 thoughts on “Prayer Warrior

  1. Beautiful! She and God would be oh so proud o you and your mother on this journey! To have your mother for so long a period of time and to love and respect each other so much is a great joy or those of us who know you. God bless you, Trisha xo


  2. Dear Part-Heathen Woman:
    You paint a beautiful picture of what a faithful, two-way relationship with God looks like! You also reveal how our earthly relationships so often twist, turn and develop as age brings wisdom and understanding. Your mother is blessed to have been given a child like you to build her prayer life 🙂 and you have been blessed by having your mother around for so long!
    Love, Another Part-Heathen Woman


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