ImageIt was a birthday week!  Yes, mine was included but it seemed to me that I was surrounded by birthdays.  It’s easy on Facebook.  “They” tell you when it’s someone’s birthday.  There is an email reminder the week before of whose birthdays are coming and then a daily update.  I counted:  in the month of March, I had ten Facebook “friends” with birthdays. It’s a great system – no stamps required.  I received approximately thirty-six “happy birthday” greetings on Facebook. How fun is that! I got to thinking about the rest of my friends and family and counted another eleven birthdays in the same month.  Three of us shared my birthday.  March was quite a busy month – lots of celebrating and honoring those I love and care about.  And certainly I’m not minimizing the fact that my own love box was filled and overflowing by my dear friends and family.

I reflect on years past.  I love celebrating others.  When my kids were little, I made sure when they woke up on their special day that the floor of their room was covered in balloons.  My son and daughter-in-law have picked the tender age of seven for a major celebration.  I mean BiG celebrating.  No two alike.  They’ve had three of their kids pass their 7th birthday.  I can’t wait to see what they do with the fourth!  Over the years I’ve given my hubby a couple of big birthday bashes when it was a milestone year.  Last year one was thrown in my honor for my milestone birthday.  We surprised my step-daughter in South Carolina last year for her birthday.  We gave my mother a BiG party last year for her 90th.

Speaking of my mother, her birthday falls on Halloween.  When I was growing up, she was never taken out for her birthday because it was Halloween and the neighbor kids would be coming by.  She couldn’t miss that!  I cannot tell you how many of the kids would remember to wish her a happy birthday as they gathered treats from her.  This happened year after year.  She was happier than they were by the end of the night.

A birthday is one’s own special day.  That cannot be taken away.  Ok, I do share my special day with two friends, but one is two years younger and the other, thirty years younger.  So MY day is still MY day.  And I have another reason to celebrate:  I was born on Easter.

That’s a special honor I don’t make light of.  My mother was certainly happy that day.  After two sons, she was happy to have a girl – and the beautiful Easter Lilies from church.

Easter is a time of new life, new birth, new beginning.  It is the celebration of the resurrection of my Lord and Savior.  It is a personal reminder to me to focus my honor and celebration where it belongs – because the stone has been rolled away . . . for me.

“…just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father,

we too might walk in newness of life.”  Romans 6:4





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