Sentimental Journey

ImageSometimes it’s nice to quote someone else who quoted someone else!  In my quest to publish the book I’ve written, I continue to stumble onto treasures.

The following is part of a letter dated 1912 written from my grandmother to my grandfather.  She was 28 years old at the time and a newlywed.  My grandfather was a traveling salesman.   Poignantly, because of the content here, my grandmother died giving birth to my mother – ten years later.

Spiritual perspective aside, the tender sentiment between my grandmother and my grandfather is incredible.

Along with my mother, I look forward to our reunion and meeting in Heaven.

“My Darling Husband . . . I am going to copy for you a beautiful passage from “The Master’s Violin” (by Myrtle Reed, 1904)  It contains such a beautiful idea of Heaven.

“I do not think of Heaven as the glittering place with the streets of gold and the walls of pearl, but more like one quiet wood, where the grass is green and the little brook sings all day.  I have thought of Heaven as the place where those who love shall be together, free from all misunderstanding or thought of parting.

“The great ones say that man’s own need gives him his conception of the dear God; that if he needs the avenging angel, so is God to him; that if he needs but a friend, that will God be.  And so, in mine dream of Heaven, because it was my need, I have thought of it but as one sunny field, where there was clover in the long grass and tall trees at one side, with the clear, shining waters beyond where we might quench our thirst, and thee beside me forever, with thy hand in mine.

“There is nothing perfect here, mine Beloved, there must always be parting.  If it were not so, we should have no need of Heaven.  But to the end of the road thou and I will go together.

“See!  In the beginning, we were upon separate paths, and after so long a time, the ways met.  For a little space we journeyed together and because of it the sun was more bright, the flowers more sweet, the road more easy.  Then comes the hard place and the ways divide.  But though the leagues lie between us and we do not see, we go always at the same pace and so, in a way, together.  We learn the same things, we think the same things, we suffer the same things, because we are of those whom God hath joined.

“Someday, Beloved, when the ways part once more, and thou or I shall be called to follow the Grey Angel into the darkness, I think we shall not fear.  Perhaps we shall be very weary and the one will be glad because the other has come into the great Rest.  But, Beloved, thou knowest that if it is I who must follow the Grey Angel, and still leave thee on the dusty road alone, my grave will be no division.  Life hath not taught me not to love thee with all my soul and Death shall not.  Shall Death then do something that Life cannot?  Oh, my darling, do not fear.”

“My own, I hope that you will get as much comfort and inspiration from this as I have.  With a heart full of love from your own wife. . .”






One thought on “Sentimental Journey

  1. Reblogged this on pj,your friend and commented:

    This is a post from 4 years ago! So relevant today as I work on book 2 of ‘Papa, Where Are You?’ I LOVE the sentiment of my grandmother and the LOVE she shows to my grandfather.


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