Dental Drill

Happiness is your dentist telling you it won’t hurt and then

having him catch his hand in the drill.

Johnny Carson

Going to the dentist on a Monday morning would not be my first choice, and yet there I was.  Truth be told, I’d been procrastinating for months but finally put my “big girl pants” on and made the appointment.

When they see me coming, they turn on the gas (Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as laughing gas).   Now to my recollection, I’ve not ever broken out in laughter, but it does do the trick on the relaxation part.  I need the gas just to get the Novocain!

Don’t get me wrong – I love my dentist!  She’s (yes, she is a she) has been my dentist for probably 25 years and is truly a friend.  But, on the other hand, she’s a dentist!  Ugh!  I was one of those growing up who, every six months upon going to the dentist, had 15 or so cavities!  How does that happen?  My brother thinks my parents were being ripped off; but I think it may have had something to do with well water.  Or maybe lousy genes!  At any rate, those days were pre-gas and I hated, HATED going to the dentist!

So last Monday I went in, sat down, and they hooked me up!  I was relaxing, feeling no pain, glancing at the TV.

All of a sudden, on the TV I swear I saw my son and daughter-in-law!  Seriously!  And then they were gone!

It was one of those mid-day local TV shows where they do blips on local places to visit.  At that point, they were showing a little story on a local art studio for kids and families, a hands-on-create-your-own art project place.

As I was being “gassed up” at the moment and it was a quick flick, I really wasn’t sure if I saw what I saw!  Surely my son would have mentioned if he had been filmed??  Obviously, I couldn’t pause and rewind as I am known to do in my own home!  So I waited.  I waited for the “gassing up”, I waited for the drilling, I waited for the “gassing down”, and drove home.

After texting my son about it, he informed me that over a year ago the family had all been in that shop and saw a TV camera filming and interviewing but not to them.  He never saw it on TV or the internet so assumed it was not televised.

Super sleuth that I can be, I went searching on the internet and finally found the story.  And yes, there they were!  I paused and rewound to my heart’s content!  I was going to attach it to this posting but wasn’t sure about “rights” and laws and such.  But suffice it to say, it was them!  I wasn’t hallucinating or dreaming!

As my daughter said, after I forwarded the blip to them, “it’s one more thing for their resume!”

And, AND I have a pleasant memory of a visit to the dentist! 🙂Image



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