dashI heard a sermon recently about living in the dash – the dash being the symbol on the tombstone between year of birth and year of death.  It’s the living part of life.

It was a good reminder.

curvy 2In reflecting, I’d consider my life not so much a dash as a very squiggly line with hills and valleys; no, make that mountains and ditches.  There have been many sharp turns, dead ends, backups, and do-overs.

And there have been numerous pauses and standstills.

I get caught up in the pauses and the standstills.  I find I think more and act less.  It could be chalked up to the aging process and being more maturely contemplative. HA!

Nope. I’m copping out.  I don’t like to use the word “lazy” because I heard that too often as a child and believed it of myself. Therefore, I acted on it.

I get comfortable and snugly in my zone.  I think, “Been there/done that; Life is for the young; Time to pass the baton.”

Lies, all lies. The Devil’s propaganda.  I keep catching myself buying into it.

But I’m still living in the Dash!  The end year has not been posted yet!  I’ve got a lot of liven’ to do – as the song says!

I believe age produces experience and God gives wisdom.  His proclamation is “Go!”  There is no end age, no retirement date.

I’m not out to make a name for myself.  It’ll already be on the tombstone – already covered – literally! 🙂 But I need to use my time, what’s left of it, wisely, for the Kingdom.  That looks a lot different to me now than my viewpoint from, say, 50 years ago.  And that’s not a bad thing.  Experience (the good and the bad) does change one’s perspective.

I’m not out to “buttonhole” folks and preach in their faces to “follow Christ.”  Although if God directed it, I surely would obey. I have to be ME and use what/how God created me to be/do.

As a prospective (hopeful) writer, I’m learning that one needs a platform. 

According to Forbes, today’s author platform focuses on the individual’s personality, authenticity, expertise, and subtlety.  It’s the perfect platform for a Christian!  We’re all different.  God created us all different.  All of us have a different Dash Walk!

Psalm 139:16 (LB) “You made all the delicate inner parts of my body and knit them together in my mother’s womb. Your workmanship is marvelous. You were there while I was being formed. You saw me before I was born and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe.”

Wow!  I need to check God’s schedule for my Dash Walk today and put away my own.

I’m working on it.  Keep checking back! 🙂

Hang in there with me!  And I’ll hang in there with you!

Perhaps I should ask for the same inscription Ruth Bell Graham (wife of Billy Graham) had placed on her own tombstone:  “END OF CONSTRUCTION. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE.”


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