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I went shopping with my granddaughter the other day.  She had babysitting money to burn.  She’s 11.  She wanted to go to one of those Bath, Body, Bubbles types of places so we found one in the mall.  Oh my!  Not my usual destination.  It was amazingly bright and colorful!  The displays were organized by scent, sort of.  Some were organized by sales.  Others were organized by products.  I immediately realized I should have eaten lunch first.  We were going to be here a very long time.

My granddaughter had heard the pitch: “Buy three, get three free.”  She was pushing to purchase six bottles of lotions.  SIX.BOTTLES.OF.LOTIONS. Have I mentioned she’s 11!  Apparently, I am WAY out of touch.  There was another quieter pitch going on which I gently pointed out: “Buy one, get one free.”  This seemed a tad more reasonable to me, but only a tad.  What…

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