old-mother-hubbardMy home is full to the brim right now.  I mean full.loud.crazy.busy.nutsy.messy.full.  Out of town family with little ones are here.   It’s bedlam but definitely not boredom!  I’m exhausted and yet incredibly content.  I’ve missed them.

When they visit, my local family shows up and then additional extended family joins us.

I’m happy, happy, happy.

It makes me think of God in Heaven waiting for His children to come home.  What a delight and what a welcome He must give them.

There is nothing better for a parent than to know the children are all safe and tucked in.  It’s what makes a house a home!

Kids can grow up and move away but when they visit, it’s referred to as “coming home.”  I remember being sad when my mother moved from Pennsylvania because I would not have a reason to “go home” again.  Heck, I remember the movie, “Lassie, Come Home”!

Of course, my home with my hubby is just that:  my home.  But there’s something about our roots.

Maya Angelou is quoted as having said, “The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

Knowing God has prepared a place for me in His home is such a comfort and, as I get older, it looks better and better.  So many of my friends will officially become “family” when we all join together there.  I pray the day will be soon when all my family and friends share my faith so when that inevitable time comes,  we’ll be home together, tucked in safely under the watchful protective arm of my Father in Heaven.



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