The Chinchilla Tale

pj,your friend

chinchellaMy parents had a plan – a plan to pay for college for myself and my two brothers.

They decided to invest in chinchillas.  A chinchilla is a small South American rodent with a soft silvery gray fur.  It is said that the fur is so soft that a blind person cannot feel it.  It was made clear to me from the beginning that they were not household pets! 😦

My dad would raise them, breed them, kill them, skin them, and then sell their pelts.  Yikes!

It turned into quite an undertaking!

They began with three pairs and all the paraphernalia that goes along – cages, water bottles, bath tubs filled with very fine sand and a pile of hay for feeding.

It was the mid-1950s and our house was not air conditioned.  Chinchilla’s cannot take hot weather because of their fur coats.  My folks set up the three…

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