Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby!

baby girlToday is the anniversary of the birth of my youngest child, my only daughter.

As I think back to that day – 37 years ago – the memories flow.

It was a high-risk pregnancy with many negative factors contributing.  The delivery came about with an emergency C-section, 6 weeks early, with a 50/50% chance of survival.

She made it!

After many issues and a stint in a neonatal intensive care hospital, she was home at three weeks of age weighing half the size of her older brother at his birth.

The pregnancy, but more important, those three weeks after delivery, was touch and go with emotions spewing all over the place from all sorts of folks.

What stands out the most was the “church ladies” who would come visit me in my hospital while my baby girl was in intensive care in the other hospital.  They would basically wring their hands and change the subject.  Apparently they all believed my daughter would die!  I was appalled and disgusted.  I wanted visitors to be showing up with gifts, with “pink things” because my daughter was born.  But no.  No gifts were brought, just unspoken, premature condolences.

When I was able to hold my daughter for the first time, at ten days of age, and to bring her home at three weeks of age, the “pink things” began to arrive.

But I’ve never forgotten that.  I KNEW she would survive!  I never doubted. God walked beside me and my family and gave us comfort and hope and peace.

It could have turned out different.  For others it has.  But let’s not do the burying while one is still breathing.  Let’s rejoice in LIFE and the moments we share together.

My baby girl is a beautiful young woman, married and the mother of 4!

I praise God for her today on the anniversary of her birth!




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