Identity Crisis

prayer and peaceEvery time I turn around, read the paper, or watch the news, some major corporation has been hacked or someone has been robbed or security codes and passwords have been stolen.  Sheesh!  We are then reminded, warned, scared to death in order to change our passwords, lock our doors and guard our valuables.

No matter how our security beefs up its techniques, the bad guys are quicker and faster and more devious.  And so it goes, since the beginning of time:  good vs evil.

Then as I follow the news this past week, I see and hear of the atrocities befalling fellow Christians in Iraq. Horrible. Just plain horrible.

I had the opportunity, last week, to hear about Monarch – a relatively new organization in St. Louis “supporting rescue and restoration efforts for sex trafficked girls.”  The details, as they were shared to a small group, of these girls were staggering and disgraceful.

I read a book, actually finishing it this week called Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand. It is the story of Louis Zamperini; of his shady childhood, his quest and success as a track star all the way to the Olympics.  But mostly it’s the sharing of his time of two years as a POW during World War II.

I’ve never read such a book.  I was educated more than I wished to be yet what I needed to know.  What happened to Louie as well as thousands of other POW’s was shameful, unforgivable.  I had to basically speed-read through the worst parts just to get past it.

Today I finished the book Finding My Place by Margo L. Dill.  It’s a fictional story based during the civil war – a war where folks in our country fought and killed others in our country.

And here I sit in my cozy home, worrying about changing my passwords.

All these hurting, persecuted people have a common theme:  their identity has been tampered with. In one way or another, or actually many ways, since the beginning of creation,  the evil one wishes to squelch the innocent of who they really are, who God created them to be.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;                                                                    I have come  that they may have life,                                                                                      and have it to the full.”  John 10:10

And now, in my own city, as in other cities prior, a policeman has shot and killed what appears to be an innocent teenager, at the very least, one who was unarmed.  Riots have now ensued, FBI has been called in, and families as they used to be known are changed forever. And we have made the national news!

It just doesn’t sound like new news anymore. It’s more the norm. It’s completely wrong.

They (we) have all lost our identity, our reason for living.  We have forgotten God.  He is our identity, our reason for living.  Louis Zamperini found God, and redemption. I pray for the persecuted Christians in Iraq and the girls caught up in the sex trade business and the policeman and the dead teen in my own city.   I don’t have answers,  just prayers, and knowledge that we all need Him!

“I may not have the answers, but I do have Him.”  Dave Dravecky

picture credit:  Anna Konig Labedz



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