. . . the rest of the story

Most of my Facebook friends heard my recent tale – being stuck on the tarmac last week for about 4 hours. Not a happy experience, to say the least. But – wait! There’s more! 🙂

It happens that I tend to be claustrophobic a bit. I haven’t flown in years, probably 7 or 8 years, and I was beginning to get apprehensive a few days earlier before the flight. The day before, THE DAY BEFORE, the flight I told my husband, my best friend, AND my doctor that although they might think I’m silly or overreacting, I was worried that I would be stuck on the tarmac for 6-8 hours or so and have a panic attack. Fortunately the doctor came through.

With little pills in my carry on, I boarded the plane.

First of all, to get an assigned seat, the airlines wanted $37.00 from me. I had already paid $25.00 to check a suitcase. I decided to let God place me where He wanted me to sit – preferably on an isle seat. As luck, er providence would have it, I was assigned a center seat. Ok, I can do this, I told myself, as long as I kept breathing. Fortunately, although the plane was 98% full, no one sat in the isle seat so I was able to move over. God loves me! 🙂

We were ready for takeoff when the pilot announced there was a mechanical problem so we were waiting for a mechanic. Uh oh. I decided I’d better take a pill. But I wasn’t sure what it would do to me. I didn’t want to be asleep if they decided to deplane. So I decided on a half pill. Of course, I had no knife and no water. I went to the back of the plane and asked the flight attendant as I needed to take a pill. I was informed that he was not allowed to distribute water, coffee or anything! I asked again. He said no again. I asked, as my panic began to build, if he at least had access to ice cubes that he could share. He agreed. I bit into my pill, swallowing half and washed it down with an ice cube!

An hour or so later, the pilot announced he would be turning off air and lights for a bit as the original issue had been fixed but others had surfaced. Uh oh. As soon as that air went off I took the second half of my first pill. The rest of my original ice had melted so I was able to swallow with actual water this time.

Two hours in, the flight attendants passed out water to Coach and water along with a snack to First Class. Of course, I was in Coach! Folks around me were pretty exercised over the whole thing. I was delighted that, along with my pills, I brought my headphones. I turned on Pandora on my phone, plugged in my headphones and listened to worship music.

By this time I knew I had missed my connecting flight and was told the airlines would reroute me. I was hoping they would also reroute my suitcase which now was worth $25.00 more than when I started out that morning at 6am!

Hour three, the lady in the seat in front of me was almost hostile telling everyone who would listen and those who didn’t want to, what was wrong about the situation, her husband, and the world. She actually became the comic relief to those around her.

At about 3 1/2 hours into this, we finally began to taxi only to stop again as the pilot announced the paperwork had been filled out incorrectly so we had to wait until it was corrected. At this point, I almost offered to help with that – with my secretarial background and all. 🙂


Four hours from originally scheduled takeoff, and one full pill and an ice cube later, we were airborne.

At my next stop, I found out my new connecting flight would be a two hour wait.

At least I had time to eat!

In two days I have to fly home again. Sigh.



2 thoughts on “. . . the rest of the story

  1. Wow! That is the rest of the story! It may never be easy to fly, but with your great attitude, your God, Pandora and a pill, you’ll be a real trooper once again and you will take all of it in stride so you get to see your Southern Family! God bless you , my Friend.


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