Pajama Party

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pj,your friend

pjs 1It’s that kind of a morning – one which I’d like to just stay in my pajamas and drink coffee and watch my birdfeeders. Of course, that’s not going to happen. But it’s a nice thought.

When I visited my Florida Family recently I noted that the 4 and 6 year old loved, just loved to be in their pajamas, all day! When they went to school or preschool, the first thing they did upon arriving home was to change into their pjs.

It was a comfort thing; a warm, snuggly, tucked-in-at-home, comfort thing.

Growing up, my dear friend Trisha would give me a “granny gown” every year for Christmas, a nice long, flannel, ruffled neck-to-the-ankle gown. It really came in handy with those Philadelphia winters and my dad turning the heat so low at night.

Kids have pajama days at school and pajama parties.

Pajamas are a big business. …

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