MY CLOUDSIt was a typical weather-prediction day in St. Louis.  The forecast called for 100% chance of rain by 7pm.  7pm came and went as did 8pm and 9pm and 10pm.  Still dry.  We learn to look out the window to get the weather.  There has always been something said about weather predictions in St. Louis, something about being in between two rivers that can change the weather and the direction of storms on a dime.  I don’t mean to slam the local weather-casters, but, as I said, we look out the window.

By 10pm I could see flashes of lightening from afar.  The TV was announcing storms all around.  My NOAA weather radio was also giving warnings of thunderstorms closing in.

We went to bed.

At 10:30ish pm, we had retired to the bedroom with the bedroom TV on.

All of a sudden I heard the loudest siren I’d ever heard – in my bedroom!  It was like a fire engine in the room with me.  It was like surround sound!  Startled out of my skin, my mind frantically tried to access the situation and attempt to understand what was happening.  Meanwhile from the other side of the house, I could hear the weather radio going off warning something I could not discern.  In the bedroom the TV was also blaring an immediate weather bulletin which I could not hear over the siren in my bedroom.  I knew it wasn’t our whole-house alarm but had never heard this before.  It was just in our bedroom!  I screamed at Hubby.  He was oblivious – in the bathroom, having already removed his hearing aids to ready himself for bed and using an electric toothbrush at that moment.  Whatever he might have heard had been drowned out by the toothbrush.

Before I could figure it out, the siren went silent.  This probably all lasted for 30 seconds.  A very frightening 30 seconds!

I caught the gist finally from the TV – a tornado warning – south of my location thankfully.

And then, and then I glanced at my phone which had already been “tucked in” on the charger for the night. There it was:  a tornado warning alert.  New upgraded phones from several months ago have new features which I had obviously forgotten about, one being weather emergency alerts.  I’m here to tell you, IT WORKS!!!  And the surround sound?  Hubby’s phone across the room!


I appreciate the new technology but I still cannot believe my phone could be THAT LOUD!!!  No doubt it could save lives unless one dies of fright!


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