Delivery Dilemmas

mailboxI love to order stuff off the internet. Amazon is my favorite but I have no problem ordering from other “safe” websites.

A few months ago, however, there was a glitch in a package I had sent to Florida from St. Louis. I mailed it myself at the post office! I watched the tracking and saw that it had gone north, not south. It was an obvious mistake and took several extra days for the package to reach its intended destination.

A while ago, a replacement order of an item was shipped directly from a company’s warehouse (not Amazon) and I did not have tracking info. After a bit of time which I thought I should have received the package, I contacted the company which informed me it had been delivered several days prior. Uh, NOT! (Now I’m beginning to suspect the mailman or the neighbors of lifting my package.) So they sent out a replacement for the replacement and this time I had tracking info. I was watching it and noted it said after a few days, it was delivered to local post office in St. Louis. Unfortunately, I do not live in St. Louis proper. I’m in the county. Different post office! I’ve contacted the company again to verify address.

UPDATE:  said second replacement package, as well as first replacement package were being mailed to my son’s former address! In the company’s defense, the original –pre-replacement was mailed to my son’s former address as a surprise Christmas gift to me. I’m kind of a snoop so this is how my family handles this sort of thing. 🙂

Well, not only has my son moved but I had updated the company records to my address (1) online, (2) in email and (3) inside original broken returned package. Son’s mail was being forwarded to his (temporary) residence with his in-laws.

FINAL UPDATE:  Second replacement was caught at the post office and (I think) returned to the company. First replacement was received at my son’s in-laws yesterday (after a month) and today I received at my address the third replacement.

Did I mention my son and his family have since moved from the in-laws to their new home?

Another package I’m tracking – this one from an Amazon subsidiary – says it’s out for delivery – in MISSISSIPPI! I’m in MISSOURI!

What the heck!!!

I’m glad there is only one way to Heaven! 🙂


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