IMG_1207The sun is not rising as early these days and neither are the birds. As I wake up, I wait for the birds to join me and they seem to be snoozing with the sun. But I don’t mind. Now I’m enjoying beautiful sunrises and the leaves are just beginning to turn. I love this time of year. Pretty soon “taking a walk” will be translated “crunching the leaves”. What a lovely sound! Wood burning fireplaces will go into action and fire pits will be used more frequently.  What a lovely smell!

And football season is already upon us.

Well, honestly, I don’t need that, not being a football fan. Don’t shoot me if you are! I do have fond memories of football games while in high school – mainly the players, 🙂  along with the camaraderie and just the big social events every Friday night or Saturday. When I entered 7th grade junior high, my brother was a senior and played the trumpet in the marching band. I took great pride in letting everyone know I was related, not only to an upperclassman but to a band member!  As a band member family, my parents supported the boosters and worked in the concession stand. I managed to take “ownership” of that too.  But mainly, I just walked as close as I could to the players and tried to make eye contact. 🙂  Sometimes it paid off, although I’m pretty sure I noticed the coach glaring at me on occasion.

That was ions ago.

Now I’m content to be bird-watching with hubby or simply curled up in front of the fire. Long drives to see the changing colors and a trip to a winery are perfect events for this time of year. I’ll be sure to take a jacket.

I’m thankful for the seasons. I’m thankful for the Creator.

God is good.

What’s YOUR favorite season?


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