Was it Something I Said?

a pair of hummingbirdsIt’s a dark grey sky that reflects the mood of my mind today. The realization hit me that I’m losing my hummingbirds.

A few days ago I noted there were not as many of the usual gang flitting around.  I noticed there were long times in between seeing any of the little guys (and gals). I was beginning to worry.

Then I “googled” it!

It’s my first time, my first year with a hummingbird feeder and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. These little creatures are quite the entertainers and often the subject of my camera. Their feeder is right next to my finch feeder with which I am now into my second year.

So. . . I had a thought, and “googled” hummingbirds. (I told someone the other day that “google” is my middle name!) Sure enough, they are in the “snow bird” category. They are leaving me. They are migrators!

My parents were migrators (snow birds). I have some friends that would like to be migrators! 🙂 (You know who you are!) My folks began heading to Florida each winter, first with their trailer then eventually buying a place.

Side note:  did you know that Florida churches have “snow-bird memberships”?  I wonder how that plays out with decisions being made during the rest of the year.  Hmmm.

My parents didn’t exactly leave me as I was already on my own. But these birds, my tiny little buddies are leaving me! OK, OK, I get it. GOD made them this way, for their protection. It’s quite amazing really.

Psalm 50:11:”I know all the birds of the hills, and all that moves in the field is mine.”

They know, they just know when to go!

Ironically, the above pic is the ONLY pic I’ve been able to get all season of two at a time.  Maybe they are discussing their route south or maybe it’s their “gift” to me! 🙂

I will miss them. But I wish them God-speed on their journey. And I’ll be ready for them in the spring with fresh nectar and nesting material.

They’ll be back.


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