Scaling Down

It had to happen eventually.  Our decades-old bathroom scale broke.  It basically died.  It was one of those love/hate items that I just have to have!

Hubby thought I should be the one to pick out the new one.  I dragged my feet because I knew there would be about a million choices as technology continues to develop overnight in every direction at a frightening pace for someone my age.

I bit the bullet and went shopping.

I already knew I didn’t want to have a scale that talked to me.  It was bad enough that I could read but I didn’t want to hear the results out loud!

Upon entering the store, I was directed to the bath section. The salesgirl asked if I’d like someone knowledgeable to come over to help me with my choice. Of course, I said “no.” How hard could this be?? (thought the obviously short-on-details person.)

There I stood, in front of 48 different bathroom scales. FORTY-EIGHT! I began to get a headache.

The prices ranged from $10 to $150. What in the world would make a bathroom scale so very different?

There were round ones, square ones, rectangle ones. There were analog, digital and LED. There were scales that measured body mass, body fat, muscle mass, body composition. There were smart-body analyzer scales, WIFI smart scales and Bluetooth scales. There were the various name brands: Conair, Weight Watchers, HoMedics, Detecto, Beurer, Escali, Withings. And now even Fit-Bit has their own model. There were models that were thinner, wider, clear glass, frosted glass, stainless steel, mirrored, bamboo, teak. There was one with a chevron pattern, others came in a variety of colors.

I really just want to know the naked truth, the bottom line.scaling down pic

(No pun intended. OK, maybe it was intended.) 🙂

I learned years ago on any important purchase not necessarily to buy the cheapest or most expensive.  Therefore, I settled for a mid-priced scale. It matches my bathroom floor. Now I’ll probably trip over it.  Sigh.



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