a GRAND idea #2

pumpkin1This idea is another easy peasy one!  It eliminates the cutting into and cleaning out of the pumpkin.  It’s one for all ages.  The grand kids who were with me at the time were quite young so I listened to their ideas and helped them along.

The first part, obviously, is to take the kiddos pumpkin shopping.  I encouraged them to choose relatively small ones since they would want to carry their own and as they’d be heading back to their homes, pumpkins in hand. Nice sized stems are important for transporting.

I used old scraps of felt which I had around from previous craft projects.  The kids picked out colors and helped draw.  I did most of the cutting!  Older kids would certainly have a freer hand.  Velcro dots were placed on the pumpkins in the appropriate places and the kids had fun attaching their face creations.  They played with swapping out the face parts with each other.  And they couldn’t wait for the parents to show up to show off their handwork

Of course, I was sad when they left. 39268_4615623239040_1553056104_n



I’m glad I made one for myself!                                                       Happy October!


(As I mentioned on my previous GRAND post, I do not claim any ideas as my own and cannot remember where I obtained them.  Please send me your own ideas and I’ll give you full credit when I use them.)




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