Loggers, Lutherans, and Cows, oh my!

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It was a delightful 1/2 day trip with Hubby.  We drove about 2 hours south of our home to Perry County, Missouri.  My friend, Jean, directed us here. Passing through so many small, old towns – Perryville, Longtown, Frohna, Altenburg, Brazeau – to name a few.

On our journey, we spotted many small quaint churches, pretty much all Lutheran. It was kind of phenomenal to us as usually one would see Baptists or Catholic and various others, and probably they were around, but basically all we saw were Lutheran churches. Upon further discovery, we found out that the tiny town of Frohna encompasses the Saxon Lutheran Memorial which is a tribute to the German/Lutheran migration in 1838 to this area and features a number of log cabins from that era which I have showcased in my attached pictures. They came to this country seeking religious freedom, settled there and were instrumental in starting the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, the headquarters of which is now in St. Louis!

Also spotted on our drive were several logging companies.  It was so cool to see how they kept the logs wet so they would not warp or stain or crack. They had enormous sprinkler systems. Pretty awesome. Hopefully you can spot this in my pictures.

In Brazeau, though we never saw an actual town, we followed signs onto a gravel road, across railroad tracks and came upon the Mississippi River with Tower Rock in front of us. The earliest mention of this landmark, according to Wikipedia was in 1673. 1673!  Every year or so, when the river is quite low, it’s possible to walk out there, though I’m not sure why anyone would want to.

On our way by Tower Rock, or The Grand Tower as some call it, is the Grand Tower Pipeline Bridge – a suspension bridge carrying gas across the Mississippi River! Built in 1955, it still carries gas. Apparently the cows guard it! 🙂

Speaking of cows, they were everywhere, looking at us looking at them! This is farm country,  Future Farmers of America territory and where Sawdust Days, and Mud Festivals are held.

We saw a lot; we have a lot more to see. We’ll be back!

It’s rural America at its best. It was a beautiful drive with great company!



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