a GRAND idea #3

Grand 3DIn St. Louis, October takes on a new meaning.  Oh sure, orange is the traditional October color. But in St. Louis, we call it RED October! Why? Cardinal Red, of course! It would appear that just about every October our precious baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals is still playing baseball! We’re kind of used to it around here! 🙂

Anyway, in honor of October AND the Cardinalstoday is a craft to cover both.  I found this website which you can checkout, follow instructions and print out the stencils. 

Of course, if you wish to make a different stencil, simply use the directions attached and make it your own!

It’s kind of messy – cutting and digging into the pumpkin but my grandkids were up for it! Enjoy – and GO CARDS! 🙂


(So here’s my take on these attached instructions. We followed the instructions but it is not what is pictured. As you see from my photos, we carved and cut. It was not easy and not for tiny hands. Toothpicks wouldn’t work and nails made a mark. But we did our best and the kids had a blast! They even sorted out the pumpkin seeds to toast and eat later!

Grand 3A

As for the picture that accompanies the directions, I believe they did NOT carve the pumpkin but instead used a wood carving tool, simply taking off a few layers of the outer pumpkin.  We may try it that way next year.) Happy October!

Grand 3C


(As I mentioned on my previous GRAND post, I do not claim any ideas as my own and mostly cannot remember where I obtained them.  Please send me your own ideas and I’ll give you full credit when I use them.)



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