A Grand Idea #4

DSC_0566 In our family Halloween also signifies my mother’s birthday. As a kid I remember her getting more face-to-face birthday greetings than I do now via Facebook! All the neighbor kids, and there were bunches, would always remember to give her birthday wishes. It pleased her to no end each and every year. It didn’t matter that she was never taken out to dinner, was never given a party. She wouldn’t have missed those trick-or-treaters for the world.

Two years ago she celebrated her 90th birthday and we gave her that party! What a joyous occasion that was for her, surrounded by her whole family: two children (one preceded her in death), three grandchildren, various spouses, and (at that time) eight great-grandchildren.

DSC_0545The craft pictured here was one made especially with her in mind but obviously can be used for anyone, any occasion.

We began with a large blue poster board and added green construction paper for the grass. We found a tree online, downloaded, printed and asked the local printer to enlarge it. Then it was traced on brown construction paper and voila!

Leaves were made from scraps of felt. Different shades of green and different shapes were used to signify different stages of the family. The pumpkins (perfect for the season) were DSC_0464used for the great-grandchildren and those who could, added their names and applied to the poster, affixed with Velcro two-sided dots. My dear friend Trisha supervised! The sun (featuring my mother’s picture) and a couple of clouds rounded it out.

It’s a memory my mother is proud to share with you.

pictures courtesy of Deb Roquet



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