What Are They Thinking???

kindergartenI don’t want to use my blog for anything political, ever. But. . .

There was an article circulated recently about a kindergarten in New York cancelling their year-end show to give the teachers more time to “prepare” the children, the kindergartners, to become college and career ready. I’ve attached the article at the end of this post. I hope you’ll take the time to read it, along with the comments.

This brings about all sorts of thoughts and comments, as you can read at the end of the article, from the public. I didn’t read anything positive, nothing at all.

A young man I know taught elementary school for one year and quit, not because of the kids, but because of the politics! A young woman I know began school full-time when she was four years old with four-year old kindergarten and then five-year old kindergarten before beginning the next twelve years of school. By the time she graduated, she was so tired of school that she took a year and a half to do mission work around the world before deciding to go to college. Both this young man and this young woman graduated from college and neither this young man nor this young woman is in careers related to their degree. Both are successful young adults in their own rights.

When my kids were in high school, I instructed them to pick an extra-curricular activity that they could look forward to, not only on the good days but, more importantly, on those days when school sucked! It was the right decision.

Now we’re beginning to pull the fun away from kindergarten??? This doesn’t encourage well-roundedness in anyone!

My down-to-earth where-I’m-at idea? I’ll be hands-on with my grandchildren, as much as I can. I’ll see to it that at my house they’ll have fun and crafts and shows and laughter and lots of hugs – learning all the way! I’ll contribute to their well-roundedness as much as I am able.

And I’ll pray for our country.





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