Her Very Own Halloween Gospel

IMG_7906Life started badly for Teddy.

Losing her mother during her own childbirth and having her father just a year later abandon her; Teddy was raised by her grandmother, maiden aunt and bachelor uncle (brother and sister).

Teddy’s aunt was of the legalistic Christian variety while her uncle did not darken the door of the church, so obviously there were mixed messages growing up. Teddy always accompanied her aunt to church and basically accepted what was preached.

As a teenager she attended Pinebrook Camp in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. She again heard the gospel and knew she had to respond. Surrounded by campers and counselors at the evening campfire, she went forward to publicly accept Jesus Christ as her Savior. Teddy repented of her sins as best she knew how, and she never looked back. Sorting out what she had been taught and listening to the Holy Spirit within her, she began to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Married twice, widowed twice, raising three children, having one child precede her in death, Teddy’s life’s journey has had many ups and downs. But her faith has grounded her and she continues to be steady in her belief and her trust in God. The irony of her own mother’s deathly sacrifice to bring about Teddy’s own life has never escaped her.

Now living in a retirement community, she is not shy in sharing her faith and her love for Jesus Christ. She continually invites new residents to her church and the worship service within her community. She lives out her faith.

Today, on Halloween, she turns 92 years old. Her love for Jesus grows stronger every day. She is my role model. Teddy is my mother.

“I will still be the same when you are old and gray,

and I will take care of you.

I created you. I will carry you and always keep you safe.”

Isaiah 46:4 CEV




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