a GRAND idea #6

adventure storiesSometimes a GRAND idea is not necessarily doing something with the grandkids, but instead, doing something for the grandkids. Last Christmas I wrote two storybooks for some of the kiddos about them.

I know, I know, it’s barely November and you don’t want to hear about Christmas yet. BUT, if you plan on taking on a project like this, NOW is the time to start.

I came upon Storyjumper.com and it was a great find. You can upload your own pictures or use their graphics or combine both, which I did. It was great fun and so well received that I’m starting on this year’s stories. Actually last years books were a surprise and they were so well received that the kiddo’s pretty much have requested me to do it again.  Something about seeing themselves, not to mention hearing themselves, in an actual book was quite special for them.

Hopefully you can see the finished projects by clicking on these links.



1326 IMG_02596



One thought on “a GRAND idea #6

  1. So cool, great idea! I’m sticking with the sewing these days but this is good food for thought as I agree that the children love to read about themselves and see themselves though our hearts and eyes. The books will become even more precious as time passes by. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and those special “kiddos” of yours! God bless and my love, Trisha

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