a GRAND idea #7

431507_4373629269342_1879486581_nRemember, I’m all about easy, fun yet easy! This is just that!

It’s a nice project for a cold wintery day!

I asked the kiddos to pose on tippy toes, as if they are hanging onto a rope. I had to hold the camera on an angle to get the feet in because I didn’t want to get too far away. The first time, I didn’t realize I had cut some toes off! Oops! The biggest challenge was getting the little one to hold up her arms.

I printed out the photos on printer paper and the kids (age appropriate) helped cut themselves out. We first made sure we wrote name and date on the back and then covered with contact paper. Then we cut out again. (Now that I have a laminator on the premises, I’d use that instead of the contact paper.)149912_10200437929341231_1119229482_n

We punched a hole where appropriate, in the middle of the hands, and attached a tassel, easily found at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, or you could make your own. Remember, I do “easy”, so I purchased mine!


Interesting how the kiddos reacted. Some wanted to give immediately to the parents, some wanted to keep for themselves and I even was given one! 🙂

Hopefully, we’ll do this again, as they’ve grown a few years from when we did this and we’ve added a couple since then!  It was fun!

Hint: for an alternate idea, choose a slightly different pose, omit the hole punch and tassel, and apply a magnet to the back. Attach to refrigerator! Kiddo’s will always be smiling at you up close and personal! 🙂


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