a GRAND idea #8

cookies1It’s always good to have something quick on hand if the kiddo’s drop in or if you’re off to babysit one or more. The other day a couple of my favs showed up for a brief visit and I pulled out some Pillsbury Slice and Bake cookies. Easy. Since they were the peanut butter variety, both got to do that criss cross fork thing that we all do with peanut butter cookies. (Why do we do that, by the way?)

Anyway, after they baked – and it was a quick 10 minutes – we let them cool for a bit. Then the extra fun part – topping them with Hershey’s dark chocolate Kisses. Of course any flavor would do, but my preference is dark chocolate and no one complained. 🙂cookies2

It doesn’t make a whole lot but there were just enough to taste and leave some for me and hubby and send some home with the grandkiddos.  A quick and easy success all around! And another memory made!cookies3


One thought on “a GRAND idea #8

  1. You are brilliant! You just saved me a lot of work making the peanut butter cookies from scratch. My fam loves the pb cookies with the kiss on top. This grandma is going to simplify it this Christmas! Thanx!

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