wheelchair at airportNow don’t get me wrong; I’m very grateful for the TSA and the job they do. They take it seriously and I take it seriously. However. . .

We were preparing to board, my husband, my mother, and me.

My mother is 92 years old and requires a wheelchair to board. It usually makes it easier for all as the wheelchair attendant takes care of boarding passes and getting us through security in a timely manner.

This last trip, however, was different.

A wheelchair won’t go through a metal detector, obviously, so that little piece of cloth that is used by TSA was used on her. When it came in contact with my mother’s hands, something appeared – an anomaly. That started it all.

A woman attendant was called over to “pat down” my mother and search her pockets. Her purse was obtained, the purse that had just gone through the usual screening. It was basically dumped and that little cloth was used on all its contents. Then not only her walker but also her cane were rechecked with little cloths.

The final decision was that whatever hand lotion my mother had applied approximately six hours earlier, was the culprit that caused the “red flag.”

The TSA agent wheeled my mother to me with stern words directed to my mother, “Don’t do that again. Don’t apply hand lotion until after you’ve gone through security.”

Seriously??? Who knew? Did I mention my mother is 92 years old?

My mother is a good sport and the flight itself was uneventful and exactly on time, so we indeed are counting our blessings.

But – word to the wise – do not apply hand lotion until after flight screening!

Would love to hear your stories!


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