a GRAND idea #10

IMG_8190In anticipation of being with eight of the GRANDkiddos from ages 1 thru 11, over the recent holiday, I knew I needed something good for all ages. In my “googling”, I found this on The Decorated Cookie website.

It’s quite simple (my kind of craft) and requires three things: marshmallows, edible decorating pens, and lollipop sticks.

I researched the edible pens and found the best option is made by AmeriColor and labeled Food Decorating Pens. These can be found at Hobby Lobby and come in a variety of colors.

The trick is not only to keep the kiddos from actually eating the marshmallows but to think ahead and leave them (them being the marshmallows, not the kiddos!) out in the air for a day before the craft so they will “toughen up” a bit.

I gave each child (the one-year old did not participate) 4 marshmallows, showed them an example (my own) and let them go at it. No boundaries! I promised each a “fresh” marshmallow when they were finished. It worked! 🙂 And they can always eat the painted ones on the lollipop sticks the next day!

This is a free-form art project. No wrong way to accomplish a finished project. Especially if you’re eleven years old and younger! 🙂


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