a GRAND idea #11

IMG_8501When my kids were young, they saved part of their allowance all year in a Christmas Gift Fund. Then we would go to the local high school in November with list in one hand and wallet in the other to their annual mega craft show.

It was fascinating to see year after year, how, as the kids matured, so did their choices. Their appreciation of “home made” items grew and they enjoyed shopping “local”. Of course there never was enough of their money to cover their gift-giving tastes and we were happy to lend a hand, er a dollar or two. . . or more! 🙂

One year my son picked out a gift for my parents – a nice wooden sign that had to be special ordered with their name on it. When we went to pick it up a couple of weeks later, my son had the flu! I bundled him up and took him with me, not wanting him to be left alone. The car heater had to be cranked all the way up and he was already wrapped in a blanket and shivering. I was about to have a heat stroke! But we got the gift and he was pleased with his purchase!

Probably the most memorable choice one year was a sock puppet one child bought for the other. I’ll not say who bought for whom, but suffice it to say, it was a hoot!  We still laugh about that choice. And I’m pretty sure, somewhere in this house, we still have it!

When it came to them buying gifts for us, we divided and conquered  IMG_8499hubby taking one and I taking the other to go “shopping”; later switching kids.

It was a fond memory. Some of the gift choices were priceless!

Next year I think I’ll offer to take a grand kid or two. . . or more! 🙂


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