The Christmas Present

Christmas pastThere was the year, or many years, ok . . . Just about every year I can remember growing up, I used to search for my Christmas presents.

I got pretty good at it.

But there was that one year that stands out:

I found every gift beforehand.

There was not one surprise on Christmas morning!

I was surprised and disappointed. I was my own worst enemy.

I hunted and hunted, and searched and searched. I’d find a gift – wrapped – and unwrap it; then wrap it up again. If my mother was aware, she never said anything.

It was the thrill of the hunt.

But I always imagined, I always hoped, I always assumed that on Christmas morning there would still be a surprise, that one illusive gift I couldn’t locate.

What’s the matter with me?

To this day, if I know my birthday or Christmas is coming, I’m still tempted. I refrain, but it’s not easy, to go searching.

As a parent, I assumed if I was that way, then my kids were probably that way. And I needed to be steps ahead of them. I’m not sure, but to my knowledge, they never looked or found their gifts ahead of time. If they did, I’m not sure I want to know.

I got pretty creative at hiding gifts. Once a neighbor and I kept each other’s gifts until Christmas. But mainly, I hid the kid’s gifts in suitcases, in the basement.

I guess it’s ok to tell now. 🙂

I think I was born with a ‘sneaky’ gene. Is that possible? I’m a super sleuth. As a kid, I read all the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy books. But it was the way that I read them: I’d first read the beginning to get the premise, then I’d read the ending to see the solution. Then I’d start over, reading the whole thing straight through to see if they missed any clues.

I think I would make a great private investigator.

I think I’ve read and watched way too many mysteries!

But back to Christmaschristmas gift 1

Hopefully over the years, I’ve learned that Christmas is more about the giving then the getting. How I love to shop, wrap and give to those folks meaningful to me. It truly IS all about the giving.

I think of God giving the most special precious gift of ALL; unimaginable; His SON!

Exactly what we needed; the BEST gift ever.

No wrapping required!

Hidden in a stable and yet found by all!

I’m forever grateful!

christmas gift 2




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