a GRAND idea #13

IMG_8588The paper snowflake craft has been around for as long as anyone can remember and one can be pretty sure that just about everyone has made one at one time or another. As in real snowflakes, mostly there are no two alike. And for a little tyke, there is total freedom in that!

A friend posted newer models – in shapes of Star Wars or Frozen designs.

After giving them a whirl, we decided they were a bit too sophisticated for little hands.

I did find, however, a website that allows free downloads of snowflakes if one doesn’t want to make their own. http://www.kinderart.com/kindercolor/snowflakes.shtml

Each of the kiddos picked the design they wanted and we printed it out, folded and cut on the lines marked.

Then we switched it up a bit.

We used glitter glue to decorate and after letting them dry a while, slid into the appropriate sleeve and laminated them. (It helps that I have a laminator in my house.)

The trick is to go lightly on the glitter glue as it takes forever to dry and too much can cause it to burn or smear during the laminating process.  It’s difficult to teach small hands to go easy but we did pretty well.

We all want to do it again next year so I consider it a win win!


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