To gym or not to gym

gym4My doctor told me to take exercise seriously. She told me to consider it my job! She said to join one of those $10-per-month-no-contracts gyms and go to it!

I obliged. Well, on the joining part anyway.

That was a while ago.

Oh, I’d get into spurts and go for a couple of weeks or so. Then stop. Hubby joined to support me. Then we spent $20 per month not to go!

I decided again to give it a shot. I gave hubby an ultimatum: either we go or we cancel. We began last week. I didn’t want to wait until January 1st to make it look like a New Year’s resolution. So we began the week in between Christmas and New Year’s. Don’t ask me why!

But can I be honest?

I don’t want to be there.

I want to be 16 and skinny without any effort.

Reality bites.


I don’t want to be there and from the looks of it, neither does anyone else.gym1

But I go. And hubby goes. And eventually we’ll feel good about it.

As “they” say, it takes three weeks to make a habit. This is week two. Sigh.

Half the time I forget my earbuds so I try to read the close captioning on the TV screens as I walk the treadmill. Or I watch The Pioneer Woman on the cooking channel. No matter what time I go to the gym, there she is cooking something incredible!!! I believe she’s the devil in disguise because all I want to do is go home and cook something!

And speaking of going home after a workout, today I’m finally putting away the Christmas decorations. Who’s gonna eat the last of the M&Ms? Sigh again!


Favorite part of going to the gym? The little word in red under the you belong! sign. 🙂


Personally, I’d rather walk with a friend! 🙂pair of shoes

Can I get an “Amen”?


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