It belonged to my grandmother and possibly her grandmother. My mother enjoyed it as a child and it was handed down to me in my own childhood. My daughter played with it and now I am passing it on, basically handing it off, to my youngest in-town granddaughter.

It is a doll bed and matching doll dresser.

You remember the kind? Made from real wood, detailed carvings, original hardware and wooden knobs. . .

doll bed and dresser

Who knows how old it is? I admit, I’d love to know. But there is no one to ask.

I’ve always wanted to get it appraised but maybe I’ll wait for Antique Road Show to come to town.

What I do know is that it has been well-used and well-loved.

I’m proud and pleased to pass it on to my young granddaughter who has no idea its provenance nor how many doll babies laid their heads on that bed.

She knows that it’s a special gift from me to her. And, for today, that’s enough.

It’s given me thoughts to ponder though.

What else could I pass on to her?

Of course, there are always tangible gifts and memory gifts.

The most important? My faith.

I want to see her and her siblings and her cousins and her mommy and daddy and her aunts and uncles and her other grandparents in Eternity, in Heaven. I am ever so thankful that even with our blended family, our combined six children and their spouses are all Christ-followers. Hubby and I continue to pray for them but we now pray earnestly for their children – our grandchildren – and possibly even more significantly, their future spouses.

I want to live out my faith in front of them and be on my knees in prayer behind them. As I play with my grandchildren, I want opportunities to share my faith.

I want them to love God as I do. It’s my legacy to them.

Here’s an oldie but goodie for your listening enjoyment:


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