The Last Page

scrapbook1It’s the end of an era.

Let me explain.

My daughter was smitten with pictures and scrap-booking. It began in her teens – the picture part. She collected many, many, many photos of so many different events in her life. She had shoe boxes full. Then she began working summers at Kanakuk camp in the Branson, Missouri area. She delighted in it and each fall she would compile an album of that summer – scrap-booking it. She gradually amassed a bunch of albums.

Scrap-booking – you know – when you buy all those cute stickers and quotes and papers, etc., etc., etc.

She more than once told me that I should get into it. Well, I wasn’t convinced. Too much time, detail and $$ for my taste.

I actually did do one, a small one, for a dear friend who was to move away. I must admit, it was fun and I was proud of the finished effect.

photo (1) Copy (9) photo (1) Copy (19) photo (1)





But then I was done – until my daughter said I should do one for her of her. I turned a deaf ear. But if you know my daughter, you know she doesn’t give up.

Eventually she traveled as a missionary to Honduras, signing up for a year. She told me that would be a good time for me to do her album. I didn’t comply.

Then, as a surprise to us all, she signed up for a second year away. I told myself this was it. I had a whole new year to work on this. And so I set out. I had no idea what I was doing. I gathered all the shoe boxes of pictures from her room and began to sort. I had 25 years and approximately a zillion adventures of sorting to do.

Eventually it fell into place and came together. I’ve learned that there is no wrong way to do scrap-booking. Thank goodness! I was over-the-top proud of my effort and couldn’t wait for her to come home to take ownership. She was thrilled!






I told her to insure it for a million dollars! 🙂

I also have a son so, of course, I felt the urge to make one for him too. I wasn’t sure he’d be as equally excited about it but I knew his wife and future kiddos would enjoy. So I set out to do his. His consisted of 27 years plus a wedding. It was – if I may say so myself – awesome.

Then the grand-kiddos began to come along. And I thought, “Self, why not add a page for each of the grand kids?” My self agreed and I commenced. Of course, I was only thinking of one, since there was, in fact, only one grand kid at that point.

Well, then my daughter got married so I, of course, added her wedding stuff. And then, as time went on, her kids.

Each time, each kid, I’d have to retrieve the books and go shopping for all those cute little things to put on their page.

It could have been tedious, but it truly was a labor of love!

And now – after the first 25 years of her life and the first 27 years of his life and two weddings, and eight grandchildren – 13 years later, I’m about to do the page for my youngest grandchild, the final page, the last page.

It’s kind of sad. And yet I’m content and happy with my effort and I know I’ve created a legacy.

And yet there is still a bit of melancholy in me as I finish that last page and close the book.scrapbook3



One thought on “The Last Page

  1. This pulled on my heart strings. As a scrapbooker myself I loved reading this story. Scrapbooking allows us to hold on to the cherished memories and share them with others.

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