a GRAND idea #15

idea 15 3Some of my GRANDkiddo’s are local and some live (too)far away. When the out-of-towners moved from here to there, I wanted to send my heart. Well, truth be told, they took part of my heart. But anyway. . . I wanted to send something for the long, long drive to their new home. So I made a mix. I put together a CD for their listening pleasure.

It was a labor of love. They were quite young and I had hung out with them enough to know what they liked. And I knew what I liked. Attempting to not be so sappy and sentimental (not easy), I compiled a list and it was a sweet time putting it together. 

Here is my list of that first CD and the reasons behind my song choices:

1. He’s God the Whole World in His Hands   –  a favorite from my youth

2. Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore   – a favorite from my youth

3. Little Boy Blue  – my nickname for my grandson

4. New Doxology  – my grandson learned in preschool

5. The Duck Song – fun addictive song (be sure to click on this at the bottom; you’ll enjoy!!)

6. The Lord is Good to Me   – Johnny Appleseed song my grandson learned in preschool

7. Three Little Fishies – my dad taught to me when I was a kid

8. You Are My Sunshine  – reminded me of my granddaughter

9. Zip-A-Dee-Doo–Dah  – fun song from my youth

10. I Hope You Dance  – my dreams for my grandchildren

11. It is Well With My Soul  – my all-time favorite hymn

12. My Favorite Things – from my favorite movie

13. Lazy Day – another fav from my teen years

14. I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing – oldie, fun song

15. Put Your Hand in the Hand – another from my youth

16. Dedicated to the One I Love – ok ONE sappy sentimental (my heart showing) 🙂

17. Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) – oldie but goodie (Doris Day – oh my!)

The effort was received well and how fun to visit them a few months after the big move and hear those well-loved little kiddos singing these special songs (and hearing the parents chiming in! 🙂 )

Now the kiddos are requesting certain songs for future CDs. Fun!!!

This is a project that certainly doesn’t need to be saved for a big move. Families are in and out of the car all the time. It’s a nice change of pace for the parents – especially if they have some input as to what they would like to listen to. It is a good way to encourage the songs the kiddos learn in Sunday School or wherever. I’m getting ready to make a mix for my local GRANDkiddos and they will definitely have a say in the content! 🙂

idea 15 1




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