The Sound of Music

balloons-12893936Who knew Lady Gaga would remind me of my 17th birthday?

I wasn’t exactly watching the Oscars, more like monitoring via Twitter. I am not a big movie goer so don’t have much interest in the awards show, but I’d see the tweets on a certain dress or comment or song and I’d tune in. When I noted The Sound of Music tribute, I tuned right in and immediately transported myself back to 1965.

It was my 17th birthday and The Sound of Music had just come to all the big movie screens. By big I mean, not local, but downtown in the big cities.

I loved musicals; was raised on them. I remember going to Valley Forge Music Circus and Paper Mill Playhouse and movies and school musicals, etc. If I didn’t actually see one in person, my dad had the soundtracks – 45’s  – and I would memorize and sing and dance my way around the living room at any given moment (when no one was home 🙂 ).

So it was only fitting that for my 17th birthday, my present would be the big trip downtown to see The Sound of Music.

(sidenote: it’s a bit depressing to realize it’s the 50th anniversary of this event! 😦 )

In the 1960’s it was a big deal to go downtown Philadelphia from the suburbs. Mostly folks took the train to commute.

But this was a BIG DEAL! It was like a double date: my mother and dad and my (current) boyfriend and me. We all dressed up and first dined at William Penn Inn – my very favorite and chosen place for special occasions.

Then downtown – and NOT on the train! My dad drove! We went to the Midtown Theater on Chestnut Street.

It was a GIANT state-of-the-art screen and there she was: Julie Andrews – dancing on the “hills”. I’ll never forget it. I was mesmerized!

And my boyfriend held my hand! That in itself was a pretty big feat – right under the nose of my folks!

My boyfriend: Bill Ayton. He was a nice young man, a child of missionaries who were away in China. He lived with other young people in a home for missionary kids whose parents were “on the field”. The group came to our church. It wasn’t until after that birthday evening that we found out he was not allowed to go to the movies – one of the many rules of the house parents. Oops! I guess it’s true, as the saying goes, that it’s easier to ask for forgiveness then permission!

Anyway, I loved – correction – love The Sound of Music. To.This.Day! And I still know all sound-music-28928936the words to all the songs.

So thanks, Lady Gaga, for the memories. . .


One thought on “The Sound of Music

  1. Ha! We have this in common–I’ve always loved musicals, too, including the singing and dancing around the living room to an LP, but not so vigorously the needle would skip.

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