a GRAND idea #16

It’s nearing the end of winter. It’s a grey, dull, dreary day. The kids are whining, complaining and tearing the house apart out of sheer boredom.

Here’s an idea:  call GRANDma! 🙂

Last week I picked up the five-year old GRANDdaughter and we headed for Sam’s.

Why? Sam’s has a car wash!car wash 5

car wash 6

After pumping a limited amount of gas at the pump, I added on “car wash” for $6.00. SIX DOLLARS! Pretty cheap and easy idea – my fav – to entertain the troops.

It was fun! First thing – off came the seat belt and she bounded from back seat to front seat to hatch back and around again. We made sure the windows were closed and the sunroof was showing and we watched with glee as the water and then the soap and the extra waxy stuff was applied. And we shrieked as the car shuddered when the dryer was doing it’s thing. And we saw the light at the end of the tunnel.car wash 2

Afterward, she was happy; I was happy and the car was happy! 🙂 After school is out, I’ll have to bring the other grandkiddos!


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