Supporting my Local Authors

book5As a newish serious writer and a hopeful some-day-to-be-published author, I have taken the opportunity to connect with local authors. I’ve enjoyed meeting them on Facebook, Twitter, over dinner, and local book signings. It’s a delight to pick their brains and see their paths and encourage their goals.

As my own manuscript is in the middle-grade genre, I’ve focused mainly on middle-grade and children’s authors to meet and greet, although I’ve enjoyed connecting with others also.

Of course, I’ve purchased and read my new friend’s books.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit my young grandchildren in Florida. I was packing three special books! 🙂

I purposely did not read the books I brought with me in advance as I wanted them to be new to me as well as the kids.

book3 Because this family had just moved away from St. Louis only 18 months earlier, their favorite was Who Moved My Gooey Butter Cake by Ryan Nusbickel. I have not met this author but remember him from local TV. This book was such a hit because these young kids remember Gooey Butter Cake specialty stores and their mom has introduced the recipe to their new Florida friends. The book is chocked full of famous St. Louis sightings and a “sweet” reminder of all there is to do here. I cannot tell you how many times the kiddos wanted me to read it. 🙂 The illustrations were eye-catching and the book was a “taste” of home!

Maggie Mae, Detective Extraordinaire by Margo Dill was well received. It’s a cute book about a little girl on the hunt for who stole her grandmother’s cookies. The cookies book4were snickerdoodles, which hold a special place for me and my granddaughter. It’s my nickname for her. The illustrations were colorful and intriguing for the little ones and they were hooked from the first page as they followed the clues along with Maggie Mae. I’ve met the author several times at various functions and so very much appreciate her work.

The third book I brought along was To Dance With the Butterflies written and illustrated by Nancy Schroeder. It’s Nancy’s first published book and quite the page-turner. As I proceeded to read to the 4 yr old and the 6 yr old, we needed to stop for dinner. Later in the evening, the 6 yr old informed me that she had finished the book by herself. She didn’t want to wait until I was available as she was anxious to find out the end of the story. Of course, I then had to read it for myself and the 4 yr old! It’s a whimsical magical tale that deals with procrastination in a clever way. It’s delightful, as is the author!book1

I have a feeling I have just tapped the surface of local talented authors in our beautiful city! I’ll be sure to keep looking AND reading!

I am always thankful to have the opportunity to read to the grandchildren and this made it more special as they were “books from home!”


2 thoughts on “Supporting my Local Authors

  1. Thanks for mentioning Maggie Mae! 🙂 I bought the gooey butter cake book for my best friend and her daughter for Christmas. They live in Philly now but miss gooey butter cake in St. Louis!


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