Freezer Food with Friends

It was actually pretty logical for me to come up with this.

Several months ago I went to a party, kind of like a Tupperware party, except it was a Freezer Meal Prep Party. Someone hosted and someone organized and directed and we bought most of our own ingredients and paid the organizer for the recipes and instructions and additional seasonings.

I came away with some tasty freezer meals but also with an idea.

Freezer meals are my thing! I’ve been doing it for years and love the concept. I have assembled in bulk many meals. I have way too many freezer meal cookbooks.

I decided to have my own freezer meal prep party! I decided on Crockpot Freezer Meals for a variation and with the help, encouragement and occasional poke in the ribs to keep me on target from a dear friend, we proceeded.

We found a website where most of the meal choices came from:

I needed that “poke” because from the time we picked the date until the actual party, I had two different trips scheduled, not to mention unexpected company and having my living room painted. My mind – not to mention my body – was elsewhere.

Rachelle compiled a grocery list and provided copies of the recipes to the gals. We decided six would be a good number to invite as that number would fit comfortably around my dining room table and not overcrowd us. Then Rachelle and I went shopping. Of course we had to begin with a “working” lunch. 😊

We decided to supply ALL the ingredients – except the meat – buy in bulk when possible – and then split the cost with the ladies for a more economical measure.

Our first stop was Sam’s. We purchased a lot but were disappointed that some of the ingredients we looked for were not available. Probably with more time to prepare and a membership to Costco also, we would have fared better. At any rate, what we did not find at Sam’s, we divided between us and purchased elsewhere.

Rachelle cooked the beans in advance (much cheaper than canned) and chopped onions and peppers. I chopped and divided the carrots and celery. Each lady had a little basket at their place to hold the recipes and some of the condiments. Seasonings were in the middle of the table, along with measuring cups, bowls and spoons. I manned the kitchen, passing out the additional ingredients as needed.freezer meal 1

The ladies arrived with their coolers full of bagged meat! We instructed them in advance what meat to place in what zip-lock bag and they came prepared.

As the meals were completed, we double-bagged, labeled, and placed the recipe card in the outer bag to freeze with the meal so as to know what to do when it came time to prepare.

We provided nibbles and wine to begin and end the night with. It was a delightful working fun event. I hope to do it again!

Some things I learned for next time:

  1. Pick only 5-6 recipes. I had 10 which turned into 11 as one was divided.
  2. Search and shop earlier for ingredients to save even more $$.
  3. Send better instructions and reminders to invitees. (for instance, double-bagging was a last minute idea which was a great one, but we ran out of freezer bags.)

freezer meal 3Over all, I LOVED the evening and I think my friends did too! It’s always nice to have a reason for a gals night out! And having a productive one? Even better.

We encouraged our friends to remember it’s an easy way to always have a meal at the ready if someone needs one – i.e., new mom, bereaved friend, or just-because!

As “they” say, laughter is the best medicine, and there was plenty to go around!!!

Kudos and hugs to my dear friend Rachelle for ALL her, well, her everything!!! 😊

 Two are better than one,

because they have a good return for their work.” 

Ecclesiastes 4:9





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