a GRAND idea #17

560156_10150716998757080_505957079_9498911_1860234155_nIt’s the time of year – for the kids and GRAND kids at least – for Easter Baskets. While we take every opportunity to instill the real reason for Easter – Jesus’ Resurrection, we always enjoy another reason to have fun with the grandkiddos!

It’s become a tradition – the Easter Egg Hunt at our house for the little ones.

I always have my own Easter baskets kept at my house for each. The baskets stay at my house! One year I deviated from the usual basket and supplied each with a bucket and shovel instead. Those went home with the kiddos. Then subsequent years, I used the baskets again but as each new GRANDkiddo was born and added to the mix, their first Easter basket at my house was always a bucket and shovel.

Easter 2009 002

As for the hunt itself, I try a different plan each year. Early on, it was simply “grab your basket and a parent and go hunt.” They were quite little at the time and needed the extra help. One year, as the sweeties were not of the “reading” age yet, I cut out and pasted a GRANDkiddo picture on each and every plastic egg, indicating “if it’s got your pic, it’s your egg!” Another year I color-coordinated the egg with the child, i.e., Cooper found all the blue ones, Riley got purple, etc. And a different time, it was different designed eggs.

One point I’m always consistent on is that each child has the same amount of eggs at the end!

Last year was a bit more elaborate: it was a scavenger hunt of sorts. I was tired of contributing candy to minors so in lieu of, I purchased bigger gifts. Each child was handed an egg with a picture inside. It was a picture of somewhere in the house. Each one had a different list. As they studied the picture and then went in search of the egg and on and on, they all eventually ended up at Gigi’s chair. Gigi (my mother and their great-grandmother) had the final clue – where to find the BIG gift. (I’ll use any excuse to buy stuff for the GRANDkiddos!) 🙂

This year, Cooper requested we go back to the color-coordinated eggs. I think the scavenger hunt was a bit too thought-provoking. I may go back to candy in the eggs also! 🙂

We’ve done inside and/or outside hunts, with the weather in control. I am hopeful that this year it’ll be an outside hunt!

Happy Resurrection Day to you and your GRANDkiddos!

sunset Florida



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