Flickering Lights

lampNo, not Wuthering Heights – as in the book. It’s flickering lights – as in psychedelic 60’s on pot! Except it’s in my living room and kitchen and upstairs and downstairs and nightlights and even inside the refrigerator!

We came home from a mini-vacation and that first night home, I noticed the flickering but chose not to address it. It was faint so I was not sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me. By the third night, I mentioned it to hubby who indeed (much to my relief) had also noticed. By now, it was more obvious and almost every evening between 9:30-10:30pm.

The flickering was intermittent, stopping once in a while. After a week, we needed to take action.  So, I did what I always do:  I googled it! 🙂

According to Google, the first step is to call the local utility company. If the problem is in their line – outside – they fix it at no cost to us. I was hopeful.  To no avail. They found nothing wrong.

Second step – calling a local electrician. $$$ I was afraid the house was going to burn down, so we proceeded. Again, the electrician could find nothing wrong and, feeling sorry for us, never billed us!

I should point out that both times, when the fix-it folks arrived, the lights, of course, were NOT flickering. It was suggested that in order to find the source, we needed an authority there when we were pretty sure there would be flickering going on. Uh, that would be 10pm! Not my best time of day/night to be hosting anyone!

So then I wondered if the lights flickered during the day? We don’t normally use lights during the day so who knows??? I began turning on lights during the day ALL DAY in the hopes that we could call a fix-it person to come at a time I could live with.

Again, to no avail.

Then, a week ago, our TV went out, along with our internet. It was a Sunday evening and I figured our cable company had a glitch and it would be back up and running in the morning. Wrong.

I called the cable company and – can you believe this – within an hour I had a repairman at my door! Cable guy decided it was a bad router and replaced it. TV and internet were back on. . . and the lights stopped flickering!

We were afraid to note it out loud but both hubby and I were very aware that for several days, ever since the cable guy had been here, the lights were definitely not flickering any more. Go figure!

We didn’t understand it but we were not going to question it. Just being happy that however it happened, it was fixed.

Until several days later. Hubby cautiously (and very gently) mentioned that – in the daytime – the lights were flickering.lamp2

The night before, the TV had “hiccupped” and gone off for a moment. We held our breath but it came on and the lights stayed bright. But now. . . crap! I had a sudden urge to call the landlord, except for the fact that we’re the homeowners! Sigh.

So that evening, with lights flickering away and my ire building, I went downstairs and rebooted that new dang router.

That was three days ago. So far so good. Crossing my fingers!



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