fitbitA dear friend gave me her Fitbit and when I asked her why she didn’t use it anymore, she merely shrugged and mumbled something. I think I figured it out.

 It doesn’t work!

I brought it home and diligently set it up – you know there’s an app for that! I dutifully entered my height, weight, goals, etc. When I went to bed each night, I tapped on it to enter “sleep” mode and each morning, re-tapped for “awake” mode.

The “sleep”mode was a bit confusing as it would tell me I had slept for seven hours and been restless for 2 minutes and awake for 1 minute. In fact, I would lie awake at night, staring at the clock for hours. I suppose I need to shake my wrist to let “it” know I’m not sleeping. But then, that exercise would not aid in my ever hoping to get back to sleep, unless it would wear me out!

The “awake” mode did not encourage me to move.

I was hoping, dare I say, counting on it to motivate me to move! It’s kind of like paying all that money each month to join a gym to motivate me to move. I have found that doesn’t work either!

I dreamed that it would tighten around my wrist every couple of hours to signify it was time to get moving. Or at least flash pretty warning lights if I had sat too long.

But alas, none of the above.

It’s just another guilt-producing-money-grabber. And then there’s the other folks in my life that wear one and see my infamous wrist band and nod knowingly. You know that secret nod that tells me what I already know – that it’s not working for them either but we will never share that info out loud as we are wearing a status symbol and, in doing so, looking good!

We are all nuts!

Oh I know it’s not really the fault of Fitbit. It’s just nice to blame someone/ something/ anyone other than myself! Reality bites!

pair of shoesI’ll keep in wearing it, for a while, and hope eventually I get with the program. My desire is first of all, to have a skin colored band so as not to be quite so conspicuous to others. And then, I’d like a timer on it I could not disable that would not quit until I’ve moved for at least 15 minutes straight, once per hour! Except while in the “sleep” mode, that is. 🙂 Or maybe, I could set it to call a friend to come knock on my door and say, “let’s go!!!”


2 thoughts on “not.FIT.a.BIT

  1. Here are some tips: It actually does give you verbal, “get moving” signals, but you have to look at it. Check in with your steps (like checking into social media or your email). Trying to get the steps in actually motivates me. I have probably walked more since getting my fitbit than I have in a lifetime. Find ways to walk (even in place). I walk while brushing my teeth and folding laundry these days. No kidding! If you want it will send you an email telling you how close you are to the day’s goal. Set your sleep mode to sensitive in your profile. It will be much more accurate that way. Oh, and get the clip on kind. You can put it on your bra or in your pocket and no one has to know but you. Still up to you to move, though. 🙂

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