Dirty Laundry

It’s never really been an issue for me – doing the laundry. Basically, I’ve pretty much enjoyed it.

When my kids were little, back in the day, it was the era (in my life anyway) of pre-Pampers! We used cloth diapers, with the diaper pail an established fixture in the bathroom. While Pampers had been invented, they were expensive and we were broke, so cloth diapers it was! On occasion some kind soul would give us a box of Pampers. At that time, they did not have the elastic around the legs so whatever “happened” oozed out. Therefore, in order to avoid that, I’d pull on a plastic diaper cover. But then, there’s too much containment as the Pamper had an outer layer and along with the diaper cover, there was more diaper rash. Sigh.

We used cloth diapers.

But I digress. Suffice it to say, I loved the fresh warm smell of clean diapers coming out of the dryer. I loved folding them. I loved doing all the laundry, not ironing, but washing, drying and folding. It always made me feel like it was a fresh start. And with little ones, it was an accomplishment to get the laundry done!

laundry one

I never thought about it this way, but I paid it forward.

When visiting a young family with four little ones quite a while ago, it seemed obvious to me that if Hubby and I wished for a comfortable place to sit, I should fold the laundry covering the sofa. I did just that.

Several years ago, when coming alongside a young mom of three, sometimes my presence was all that was needed. We folded the laundry together.

When my kids were in high school and doing their own laundry, we had assigned days. There was a bit of prompting and reminding to get their loads from washer to dyer to bedroom. We had decided long ago to keep our laundry separate as one of my children (and they know who they are) 🙂 had a penchant for leaving pens in pockets. Way too many clothes belonging to other family members were ruined.

As I visit and babysit the grandchildren, I’ve been known to fold a pile of laundry without being asked. When I have babysat for extended periods, three little ones at a time, I was doing laundry every day! I didn’t want it to get away from me while running after everyone during the day. It was a relaxing time for me each night after they were safely tucked in bed. Probably, some of those days, I felt it was the only accomplishment of the entire day!

Nowadays it’s just Hubby and myself. Saturday is my laundry day. I wash and dry and now Hubby sorts and folds! When my daughter and her family come for an extended visit – with four little ones in tow – I simply let her know Saturday is my laundry day and she can have access the other six days. It works out well.

I’ll even help fold.

Sorting the laundry – well, that’s a whole other subject. I try but with all those little kids, along with hand-me-downs – I’m at a loss. But the kids know! I fold and they sort. It becomes a fun activity. Who knew!

If there’s a crisis and someone needs me, I’m not the best cook, or even a great babysitter. I’m lousy at housecleaning. But I can do the laundry! 🙂

“. . . Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” Psalm 51:7


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