a GRAND idea #18

Sometimes it’s quite the challenge to find an activity for a variety of ages of the youngsters. Recently I had four of the GRANDkiddos over to the house – ages 12, 10, 8 and 5.

Fortunately I came up with an idea that all four were enthusiastic about.

We started with small clay flower pots. (I had some spares as years ago I used them in a home business.)Then we went shopping – to Michael’s! 🙂 Each child was allowed to pick one color from the variety of acrylic paint choices. Acrylic is a good choice for this project as it easily washes off little hands and holds up quite well on the flowerpots themselves. I bought a few other colors for details and a variety of paint brushes.

flowerpots 2                flowerpots5

We settled in to paint.flowerpots 3

First painting the outside, we then placed on deck to dry. Since it was 90 degrees out, it didn’t take long, but I had an old Disney movie on to fill the lag time. Then the inside was painted. Finally the individual creativity took over. How fun to see their personalities appear through their paint choices! Lastly we sprayed a clear coat sealer on the finished projects and went shopping.

flowerpots 5

This time we went to a nursery and shopped for plants. This too was a kick as each GRANDkiddo took quite a while making up their minds. Many plants were picked up, then put back, then picked up again, then swapped for another. We also purchased some bases for the pots.flowerpots 4Home again, Hubby graciously helped plant each into the appropriate pot. And voila!flowerpots 1The GRANDkiddos wanted to paint the bases too so I sent them home with the base color for each to finish another day. I sure hope they are watering them!  They were so proud, and so was I. ❤


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