Up the Down Staircase

escalatorIt was bound to happen – eventually. It was inevitable.

I just didn’t expect it to happen to me!

With three little ones in tow, it was a big deal to ride the escalator. Up.and.down.and.up.and.down. It’s amazing how little it takes to entertain the young! 🙂 And it’s nice to give their mommy a break to shop or enjoy the alone time.

So up we went. And down. And up. And then . . .

With two ahead of me and one right behind, I casually looked over my shoulder. Uh oh. He didn’t get on. He was standing at the top. Alone.

Of course, I panicked.  I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what he would do. Not being around these little ones on a regular basis, I just couldn’t “read” him and worried that if he stepped on without help, down he’d go.

I did the only logical thing I could think of: I ran back up.

Don’t ever ever ever try this.

It’s not easy. In fact it’s impossible. It’s like an illusion – metal stairs disappearing under my feet before my eyes; hard, unforgiving, vanishing stairs. And me going the opposite direction. Even the handrail is not helpful as it too is going the wrong way.

I say that I ran back up; in fact, I fell back up. Seriously.ESCALATOR2

But I never stopped. I needed to save him!!!

Ironically, just before, on the way up, I was instructing all to hold a hand and never play on an escalator. When asked why, I shared that people can get hurt, in fact do get hurt.

I didn’t mean to become a visual/literal example.

I fell, repeatedly but I reached the top, grabbed him and turned around to descend and catch up with the other two.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see three or four folks watching. Not helping, just watching. My pride took over.

I knew I was hurt – a lot – but I didn’t look down. I stood to my fullest height, held my chin up, gathered my flock together at the bottom of the escalator, and walked away.

As we rounded the corner to where their mommy was waiting, I glanced down to see blood escaping out of my sandal. As I made facial contact with their mommy, I mouthed the words “I’m hurt!” She looked down. I looked down. The kids saw the blood and a bit of hysteria ensued.

Honestly, it wasn’t as bad as it felt – mostly scrapes and bruises on both shins, an

additional bruise on my thigh and a bloody toe. I was so fortunate.

After arriving home, the little ones bandaged me up with pretty much all of my kid Band-Aids. We all felt better. All was forgiven.

Don’t ever ever ever try this! 

It reminded me, in a rather simplistic way of God watching out for me. He sends His angels to keep me intact. I don’t even know what I’ve been saved from; I just know and trust that I’m cared for and loved and protected. It’s the same with a child – trusting a mommy or a grand-mommy. And most of the time, the little ones don’t even know what they have been saved from!

“God will put His angels in charge of you to protect you wherever you go.”                 Psalm 91:11

And you know what? I’d do it again! If it meant saving those precious little ones from danger, I’d do it again! OR maybe in the future, forgo the escalator game! 🙂

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”
  — Dr. Seuss


5 thoughts on “Up the Down Staircase

  1. Yay for super Grandmas!! When we were young marrieds and still in college Dan worked at the Sears store in St. Joe, MO. It had the only escalator in the area. He saved people on it all the time, including an elderly who fell and had fallen and was on her back, head down. He could run and slam on the emergency stop in record time.

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      1. Scott found the emergency stop button when he was 2 while we were at South County Mall….we couldn’t turn it back on and embarrassed we hurried away!

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  2. I’m sorry for your experience and hope your wounds have healed. I apparently don’t need an escalator or grandchildren to help me fall. Sunday afternoon, as I stood up from the couch, my body moved forward, but my feet didn’t. As I saw the hearth approach ing, I twisted. I felt like I had two broken ankles, knees, hips and ribs. By morning, it was one sprained ankle and cracked ribs. A day in bed with ice on the ankle and I’m feeling much better. Just wish something could help the rib.


    1. Oh Cheryl! Glad there’s improvement at least! I can relate to the cracked rib from many years ago. As they say, “time heals all wounds. . .” Relax and be waited on! 🙂


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