No Shirt, No Shoes, NO SERVICE!

Another delightful weather day was all we needed for Hubby and I to take off and explore another part of our state. It always amazes me how many hidden treasures we can find without crossing the state line. This day was no exception.

no service4

I had a destination in mind: Caledonia, Missouri.

Caledonia is a small town, population 130, give or take. It’s actually not a town; it’s classified as a village, with a total area of .16 square miles, established in 1819. My information comes from Wikipedia.

As a side-step on the way, we saw a sign for a “Covered Bridge” and immediately turned off to follow the signs. There it was – only 35 minutes from our home. I’d never heard of it. Settled and surrounded by a delightful park, it is classified as Sandy Creek Covered Bridge State Historic Site. Since then I checked, again with Wikipedia, and found there are at least 50 covered bridges scattered throughout Missouri. Hmmm, I may have a statewide tour soon.

Anyway, back to Caledonia, it was a sweet little town, uh, village, or more like two blocks with Highway 21 running right through it. It seems like all buildings were original andno service 7 there were quite a few antique shops, not to mention the old-time candy store. (I had to get Hubby out of there quick.) 🙂

There is much history here, with one of the buildings said to be used as a hospital during the civil war. This particular house treated both union and Confederate soldiers. If walls could talk . . .

When we entered town, I noted I had no signal on my cell phone, “No Service”. It was a bit annoying but I figured I’d soon find a signal.


Sure enough, the place we settled for lunch (actually the only place we saw to eat) advertised “free WiFi”. We entered, ordered at the counter and sat. While waiting for our meal, I checked phone again. Still no signal. Now I was getting irked but I hoped maybe it was just a simple solution like needing a password or something. As our food was delivered, I asked the server. “Oh sure,” she said. “We have WiFi service – unless the server is down.” She smiled and walked service6

Ok, that was unsettling.

I looked around noting no one else appeared to be irked! All were eating and talking and enjoying. No phones in sight. Now please don’t get the impression that I’m one of those who has their face facing that smart phone screen 24/7! But I hadn’t checked phone messages, emails or texts, weather, Facebook or google maps or, or, or . . . in like 45 minutes! Yikes!

I took a breath, ate a bite and tried to blend in with these, well, these unplugged folks. I admit it was enjoyable; irksome yet enjoyable. I hate to admit it, but it was refreshing- for a while.

But I have to say, I did keep checking my phone and kept seeing “NO SERVICE”!iphone-no-service-problem-fix

Funny moment: well, not at THAT moment, but hindsight: I relied on Google Maps to pick a route. Did you know if your phone has “NO SERVICE”, Google Maps doesn’t work either? We were driving in the blind, so to speak. I couldn’t even make a phone call!

I took another breath and we headed north, being on a tad more of an adventure than I had foreseen.

Finally a signal and we were back on track. Whew.

But seriously, I think I have a problem. I need an intervention.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9


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