Christmas Ponderings

from two years ago!

pj,your friend

PJ ornament 7Sometimes I wonder if I missed out.

You see, I never was taught to believe in Santa Claus.

My folks believed in only telling the Biblical story of Christmas and I don’t recall it ever being a problem.

Obviously, I was in the minority and I learned to never talk about it with young friends in case they “still believed.”

Oh there was the occasional photo op, of course.532618_4969519966237_518492691_n

But we (my brothers and I) always knew where the gifts came from. We never baked cookies for Santa or wrote him letters or stayed up late in hopes of hearing distant bells or seeing a sleigh on the roof. We never worried that we didn’t have a fireplace, let alone a chimney.

As I grew up and as I became a parent myself, I came to realize what a small sector of the human race I was in. The decision…

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