Christmas Caroling Cancelled?

from two years ago.

pj,your friend

singing carols2I used to go Christmas Caroling with friends, youth group, neighbors, etc. Over the years my opportunities dwindled but I enjoyed the occasional knock at my own door of various groups singing to us. It’s simply a part of the season. Or it was. . .

It’s another century now with new songwriters, new singers, and new selections.

It’s a little bit sad.

Who teaches the younger the older tunes, the traditional ones? Do they die out along with those who die?

I learned all the verses of all the songs in church and back in the day when Christmas was celebrated in schools and malls and, well, everywhere.

As part of my school chorus and church choir, I learned to read music and even learned the alto notes. Who learns that stuff anymore if one is not a professional? But, and more to the point, when is it even…

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Caroling Cancelled?

  1. Unrelated to Christmas caroling. When I talked to you I forgot to mention that it is a very pretty picture of you on the back cover of your book. I am so impressed with your ability as an author. You need to write again! Love, Cheryl

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